If you seriously want to eventually hold a ticket with those winning lottery numbers on it then you know that you need to seriously boost your odds of winning the lottery and stop relying on pure blind luck. So if you’d like to increase your chances of winning the lottery then you have to do two things.

First of all, you can dramatically boost your chances of winning a top prize simply by playing smarter and not more often. By using the rules and laws of probability you can work with the lottery odds instead of against them.

This is easier than you would first initially envision when you know the right path to take.

Secondly, rather than just choosing more lotto numbers in a random fashion you can pick hot numbers that get drawn more often. Then you wheel those numbers in a mathematical way that greatly increases your odds of winning the lottery and reduce the odds against you winning a prize by literally millions to 1.

Lotto wheeling is a strategy anyone can use. You simply select more numbers than you normally would with a straight-forward conventional entry. If you play the Canadian National Lottery “Lotto 6/49”, or any other 6/49 lotto game like most of those in the USA and the UK, you would normally select only 6 numbers and hope they were all drawn in the game you played. This would cost you the price of 1 entry.

However, if you want to win the lottery that way then you have a better chance of being struck by lightning – literally!

But, if you use a wheeling formula then you would be able to select more than 6 numbers for your wheeling method. The volume of numbers you go with is determined by the cash you are ready to commit to lottery entries.
Wheeling just 1 extra number reduces the odds of winning from 14 million to 1 to 500,000 to 1 and all it costs is the price of 28 entries – one of the main reasons many jackpots have been won by syndicates.

The single shortcoming of this type of technique is the expense of the entries. While wheeling 7 numbers, instead of the standard six, will only cost you the price of 28 entries it will be more pricey the more numbers you add to your wheeling game.

In fact, for 14 million entries, when using a wheeling system, you can guarantee a lottery win. But if you could afford the price of tickets that would mean you wouldn’t need one!

Even though you substantially raise your chances of winning a prize by using a wheeling solution this is not really the key function of it. When you use a wheeling system with lottery numbers you make sure you will win numerous smaller prizes when you pick out just a few of the winning lottery numbers.

When you add the laws of probability to your game and merge it with lotto number wheeling you will multiply your odds of winning by such a degree that it almost seems like cheating.

Even though there exists very sophisticated ways for adjusting the law of probability the most simple one to make use at this moment is to pick lotto hot numbers. You can find lottery hot numbers on almost any lotto website.

These numbers are merely balls that come up in the lotto more regularly than the others or a number of permutations of numbers that are drawn regularly together.

By employing lottery “hot numbers” to boost the possibility of winning and combining them with a wheeling program you can drastically amplify your prospects of winning a top prize!

Remember “you’ve got to be in to win” so keep playing and good luck.